balloon in sunset
balloon in sunset

We are hot air balloon pilots based in Columbus, Ohio.

Are you interested in the balloon sport? There is nothing like it. Join us in the air and/or as crew or come to an event of the Central Ohio Balloon Club.

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Ballooning Info

There was hardly a time when human beings did not dream of flying. Rise up in the air and leave your earthly troubles behind.
The experience of hot air ballooning is unique and very different from sitting in a plane: there is no engine noise, no vibrations, you are not squeezed into a small cabin, you breethe fresh air and float with the wind gently over rooftops, fields and forests. You can hear the dogs bark, see deer and other wildlife, smell freshly harvested fields and see the children wave to us.

We also like ballooning because we meet many happy people: the pilot and crew are happy because they can do their favorite sport, the passengers are happy because they have a wonderful experience, the people at the landing site enjoy us dropping in, and the children have fun helping with the packup.

We cannot fly every day. Hot air ballooning is highly weather-dependent. High winds and any kind of precipitation prevents us from going up. These conditions and the longer days are the reasons why the main ballooning season starts in May and ends in November.

As a balloonist you have to rise early. We usually start shortly after sunrise or about 2h before sunset to avoid thermal air instability caused by the sun. A colorful sunrise or sunset from a hot air balloon can be wonderful.

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Festivals are a great way to experience the atmosphere of hot air ballooning for the beginner and for the seasoned pilot.
The Columbus area hosts several annual ballooning events. The biggest are the Balloons & Tunes Festival in Grove City and the All Ohio Balloon Fest in Marysville in August.
Centers of balloon festivals are also northeast and southwest Ohio. For more details see the CENTRAL OHIO BALLOON CLUB calendar and the map of ballooning events (in progress).

Have you seen a balloon glow at night? Every balloon envelope color is different, and a night glow of dozens or more balloons at an event can be an unforgettable show.



  • Why is hot air ballooning a sport?
    We joke when sweating and "huffing and puffing" while packing up the balloon that "now we know why it is called a sport."
  • Why do all the dogs bark when they see us in the air?
    We have not idea. Most dogs like car rides - maybe it means: "Let me come up there, I want to come onboard ..."?

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